Nov 6, 2012

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3 Millions WiFi-only iPad sold in 3 days

On Monday, November 5, Apple broke the headlines by releasing its record-breaking iPad sales figure. According to its official news release, there are 3 millions WiFi-only iPad being sold in one weekend. Compared that to the 1.5 Million WiFi-only third generation iPad that was sold during its opening weekend in March 2012.

For your information, the iPad sales reported here is based on three iPad models: iPad mini, iPad (4th Generation) and iPad 2. Apple did not give a detailed breakdown on each iPad model that was sold, except saying that they practically sold out of iPad mini.

3 Millions sales for tablet is staggering. Considering that even Asus Nexus 7 is raking in only 1 Million sales per month. It means that it takes the Nexus 7 10 times as many days to sell the same number of units as iPad. This seems to be Apple’s latest maneuver to calm their investors and re-assert the iPad’s status as the most sought after tablet device out there.

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