Apr 18, 2013

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The coming of Galaxy S4 Singapore with Price Details

Samsung’s unveiling of the latest generation of its Galaxy SIV was greeted with much hype and enthusiasm. I’m not sure if the it had created enough ‘stir’ and ‘ripple’ as previous Apple’s product launch used to create. One thing for sure is Samsung has shown their every intent to bring this smartphone war into a new level and conquer as big part of the smartphone universe as possible. In about one week time, the much awaited Galaxy S4 Singapore arrival will be here. Here is a round-up of all the news and price details that would you would definitely have to know if you are planning to get your Galaxy S4 in Singapore.

Specification of Galaxy S4 Singapore Release

One of the most confusing part of the Galaxy S4 specifications is probably the processor. At its unpacked event held in New York last month, Samsung made known their plan to release 2 different variants of the Galaxy S4 globally. The two variants are labeled as GT-I9500 and GT-I9505. The GT-I9500 will be powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos 5 Oct-Core processor that is clocked at 1.6Ghz. The GT-I9505 will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 Quad-Core processor that comes in at 1.9Ghz. Other than the sheer computing power discrepancy between the two, they differ in terms of LTE support.

The GT-I9500 is a non-LTE version while the GT-I9505 is an LTE version. Since LTE in Singapore is now offered by all the three local telcos here, Singapore will naturally get the LTE version of the Galaxy SIV.

A whole lot of debate and benchmarking has been going on to compare the performance of the two processor. Some claim that the performance difference is not significant while some claim that the difference is notable. But I will not go into this thing and if you are interested, you can refer to here instead. What I can say is, the GT-I9505 is here to stay and let us just try to live with it.

Singtel Galaxy S4 Singapore Release Info

Price Information of Galaxy S4 Singapore

At the time of this writing, all the three telcos have opened their registration of interest for the Galaxy S4. As of my last check, only Singtel is bold enough to show off their price to public. M1 and Starhub are somewhat more cautious but as lessons in the past have shown us, do not expect significant difference from them.

I am not sure how your 3G or LTE experience has been so far. Some time back, many have voiced out their disappointment with the quality of the LTE network. Problems such as intermittent network drop and poor data rate were among the common issues raised out. I reserve my judgement for now as this kind of technical glitch is kind of expected as with any new technology roll out. But one thing is clear based on my conversation with friends and colleagues. The network quality in Singapore, particularly in support of data, has significant room to improve.

Singtel Galaxy S4 Singapore Release Info

So, if you are considering of ditching your current telco for another, give it a more careful consideration and not just act based on impulse. The main reason is simply because none of them are better than the others and all of them are equally far from good.

Based on the snapshot that I’ve captured from Singtel’s Galaxy S4 registration page, the cheapest data plan Flexi SuperLite costs $27.90 that gives you 100 minutes of outgoing talktime and 100MB data. The handset price for this plan is $678. The next plan is Flexi Lite which costs $39.90 and gives you 2GB of data bundle. The handset price for this plan is $578. If you think 2GB is not enough or you need more outgoing talktime, the next tier will be the Flexi Value that costs $59.90 and comes with 3GB data bundle. The price of your Galaxy S4 would be $328.

If we do a simple math calculation, it means that over the course of two year period, you are paying $7.85 extra to enjoy the 2GB instead of the 100MB. To enjoy the additional 1GB (and of course the outgoing talktime of 200 instead of 100 minutes), you need to fork out $9.45 extra every month. Do you really need the 1GB additional bandwidth? I definitely don’t. Check your monthly telco bill. If you are making less than 100 minutes of outgoing call every month or your data meter does not exceed 2GB, I would think the Flexi Lite makes the most sensible choice. Otherwise, the Flexi Value would make sense.

Storage Capacity

Despite all the previous complains and fuss that were raised during Samsung’s previous Galaxy launches, they are still sticking with the 16GB for the Galaxy S4 launch in Singapore. I know many of you have sounded your disappointment before and wanted the 32GB or even the 64GB version. But do not expect to be the first to own Galaxy SIV in Singapore if 16GB is not for you. There is still no clear indication as to when the larger storage models will arrive or whether they will ever arrive in Singapore.

Android Version

The Galaxy S4 will be made available with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 pre-installed. On this front, S4 is leading all other phones, including HTC One which comes pre-installed only with Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

Limited Edition Accessory

As usual, Samsung is offering some perks when you buy your Galaxy S4 during its initial launch period. If you have registered and successfully allocated a unit, your purchase will come with $160 limited edition accessories. But wait a minute, do not get yourself overly excited. The accessory pack that you will be getting may just be gimmick. No, it does not consist of its much touted S-View Clip Cover which I think is the accessory that would be most useful for most of us. Instead, you will merely be getting a desktop dock, HDTV adaptor and car charger. Does it sound enticing to you? It depends I guess. If you are planning to get your new Galaxy SIV and wondering where to get these flip cover, they are now available for pre-order at Amazon. The S-View flip cover costs US$59.99 while the one without the S-View costs US$30.50. With these flip covers costing so much, now you know why I refer to the accessory pack that comes with the launch as ‘gimmick’ rather than anything substantial.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover Folio Case (White)

Launch Date of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Singapore

The exact date is still tightly wrapped but making a calculated guess is not too difficult I think. The launch event will be held either on Thursday or Friday, that is almost 90% probability. If they are targeting April launch and it is end of April, it can only be either 25 or 26 April. If they drag on to May, it will be no later than 2nd or 3rd May. But for now, do your own calculation and see if it is in your best interest to grab a Galaxy S4, given that Note 3 is not too far away from the horizon and not forgetting the rising contender from HTC One and well, maybe Google’s Nexus 5. I’m sure if you are thinking about Galaxy S4, iPhone will not be on your radar anyway.

Color Option

For its upcoming global release, two color options will be made available. The first option is black mist and the second is white frost.


In conclusion, I feel that S4 is a phone with shoes that is too big to fill. Millions of marketing dollars have been poured in and the tech blogs run on hyper mode. However, it don’t think it lives up to what has been expected to deliver. No eye sensor. No flexible screen. It does not have any extraordinary capability that only it can claim to have. Only time will tell if it is going to be a hit or a major tech flop. What do you think? Will you buy it?

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