Nov 11, 2012

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Best-selling Smartphone in 2012: Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5. What is your prediction?

A new reality has just emerged. Apple’s throne as the king of Smartphone is being threatened or in fact, it might have just lost it altogether. Recent reports claim that Galaxy SIII has sold 18 million units, surpassing the 16.2 million units that iPhone 4s sold in the most recent quarter. The S3 now commands 11 percent share of the global smartphone shipment.

The recent report sparked many analysts and fans in Apple camp to jump into defending the iPhone numbers. Many highlighted that the claim is just another attempt by Samsung to exploit the transition ‘valley’ between iPhone 4s and 5 and it does not paint a complete picture of the issue. The dip in iPhone 4s sales is widely expected as most users put their plan to upgrade their iPhone on hold in anticipation of the iPhone 5.

Most tech analysts and bloggers are already saying that S3′s throne at the top will not last more than a quarter and iPhone 5 will easily retake the spot in the current quarters. But with reports highlighting the supply crunch issue Apple is facing to produce the iPhone 5, sales of iPhone 5 may be could be dampened not by market demands, but by Apple’s own limitation to churn out its cash cow fast enough to meet the demand.

It would be interesting to find out who emerges at the top when the current quarter ends. Do you think Galaxy SIII will retain its top spot or do you think iPhone 5 will easily beat the number and re-clinch its throne?

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