Oct 30, 2012

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Google Nexus 10 Singapore Release Date. When is it going to Happen?

[UPDATED] One week has now passed after Google made its Nexus 10 announcement. Reviews of the device have been rave and positive with many vindicating Nexus 10 as the best Android tablet the world has seen so far. It has fine built, superior hardware and good form factor. In almost all these categories, Nexus 10 fares well against other tablets in its class like iPad and Kindle Fire HD. Two biggest questions that tablet enthusiasts in Singapore are asking. When is Nexus 10 Singapore release date going to be? If it is finally be available, how much is Nexus 10 Singapore price going to be?

Today’s true fight for the hearts and minds of tablet users does not lie in hardware alone. Great hardware does not make a great consumer device. What consumer wants is a device that simply works, as Steve Jobs have put it. In this regard, Google still has a long way to catch up with Apple’s ecosystem. Realizing that this is probably the last edge that the iPad has to defend itself, Tim Cook boasted the 275,000 apps that consumers will be served with if they buy an iPad today. For Android, the number of tablet optimized apps is still a rarity. Unless Google is able to convince developers to start optimizing their apps for the big screen, buying a Nexus 10 is a risky decision to make.

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Nonetheless, for the sake of Android fans in Singapore who are keen to get their hands on the device, the question is when will Nexus 10 Singapore be made available and what will be its Retail Price. Looking at the track record of Nexus 7, it took no less than 3 months after its announcement (in June) before it was available in Singapore (end September). However, we have to consider the fact that Nexus 7 and 10 are manufactured by two different makers. While Nexus 7 is made by Asus, Nexus 10 is made by Samsung. Out of the two, we know how aggressive Samsung can be compared to Asus. This makes it possible for us to see its arrival in Singapore slightly earlier than the 3 months lag time that we saw in Nexus 7.

No one wants to miss the year-end holiday shopping season. It is the time of the year when everyone splurge and reward themselves after a year of hard work and achievements. My take is it is still possible for us to see Nexus 10 being made available in Singapore before Christmas 2012. Price-wise, expect to pay a slight premium compared to its price at Google Play store. The 16GB WiFi-only version of Nexus 10 is selling for US$399 in Play store while the 32GB version is selling for US$499. From Nexus 7 experience, Singapore fans have to fork out 20% premium for the device. Going by the same rule, we can expect a price of around S$600-$625 for the 16GB model and S$750-$800 for the 32GB model.

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This morning, Android community in Singapore woke up greeted with exciting news. Despite having its scheduled event being cancelled due to Huriccane Sandy wreaking havoc to New York City, Google stick to its game plan and electronically unveiled its much anticipated Nexus 10 tablet.

According to Google’s official blog post, it says that they are trying to build a premium entertainment device with Nexus 10 and Samsung is their chosen partner. It went on further to tout the device as having the highest resolution tablet on planet featuring 300PPI. I wonder if Apple’s resolutionary term can be applied here. It is indeed higher than Apple’s Retina Display that comes with 264PPI. My last check with Apple’s website has seen them removing the use of ‘Resolutionary’ word to describe their display. Fortunately, Google did not coin a new term that would otherwise make us wonder if there is going to be a new words added to the dictionary with every future launches.

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The screen size of Nexus 10 is just slightly over 10-inch (10.055-inch to be exact) at 2560-by-1600 pixel. This means that there is a total of more than 4 millions pixels beings squeezed into the screen. One important factor that makes tablet experience great is the battery life. According to its official post, Google has made sure that the tablet comes with powerful battery that can last up to 9-hours of video playback.

Other than its superior display and hardware when compared to all other tablets (whether 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch or 10-inch), Nexus 10 will come with Android 4.2 a.k.a. Jelly Bean. One interesting point from their post mentioned that Nexus 10 will be the first shareable tablet. What it means by shareable is that just like in most desktop operating system today, we can have multiple user profiles logging in at the same time. This means that each user will see their own customized setting and environment. How well this will play to the consumers’ use case and need, I’m not sure. I still cannot imagine the point of sharing multiple workspace on a tablet with uhmm… my colleague? But for now, I’ll give it the benefits of the doubt and we’ll see how this feature is adopted by real users.

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Nexus 10 could be the device that every Android enthusiast in Singapore could be waiting for. We saw how Google’s Nexus smartphone fared well and set a high benchmark for all other Android-based phones. Could this be the new beginning for Android-based tablet? In their announcement, it is mentioned that the device will be available from the Google Play Store in 8 countries on Tuesday, November 13. The 8 countries are: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, U.S. and U.K. I have not seen any mention of other countries, including Singapore.

I hope we can see Nexus 10 Singapore being available before the Christmas. This would leave many of us spoiled with options between Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, Microsoft’s Surface or Google’s Nexus 10 when it comes to deciding the ultimate Christmas present for 2012. Stay tuned as I bring you the latest news on Google Nexus Release Date in Singapore!

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