Oct 22, 2012

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iPad Mini Release Date in Singapore

Initially, when rumors about Apple cooking up for a smaller iPad (a.k.a iPad mini), many had taken the rumors lightly. The iPhone 5 launch was nothing but certain given Apple’s yearly refreshment of its aging iPhone 4S. While it is not unprecedented, it is rather unusual departure for Apple to unveil two major devices within such a short span of time.

After iPhone 5′s highly unsuccessful launch, the pressure is on Apple to prove that they still have what it takes to push out a new product that is as magical as the iPad. Few weeks ago, Wall Street Journal was the first to reportedly confirm that production of iPad mini is full underway and it is scheduled to be available as early as November 2012. Since then, everyone has been jumping frantically into the rumors train with some saying that Apple has ordered massive numbers of components from Asia-based suppliers. The number is believed to enough to produce 10M units of the iPad mini. Again, it was WSJ that first ignited the rumor mills with their report claiming that they obtained the numbers based on a check with Apple’s component suppliers in Asia.

While we were treated with tonnes of leaked info and pictures just weeks prior to iPhone 5 launch, the amount of leaked pictures circulating around is noticeably lower for the smaller iPad. Maybe it is due to the ‘double-down’ secrecy that Tim Cook has managed to figure out how to do. Or maybe the rumor may not be true at all and hence there is not enough leakage to catalyze the spin-off of info and pictures.

Apple's Media Invitation for October 23 Press Event

Apple’s Media Invitation for October 23 Press Event

Initial rumors swirling around pointed to October 17 as expected date of the unveiling of iPad mini. As the entire tech world waited for Apple’s invitation that was supposed to come on October 10, many were disappointed as Apple sent out no media invitation. Days later, the date was shifted to October 23. Insider-leaked information purportedly cited production issue as the cause of the delay. Indeed, Apple did send out a media invitation on October 16 for a presss event scheduled for October 23. Now we are less than 48 hours away from the day that many believe to be the launch date of the iPad mini.

Many of us in Singapore may differ when it comes to smartphone choice and we are split between iOS or Android. But when it comes to tablet, the choice is clear. From 2-years toddler to 60+ granny, they would choose iPad over anything else, that’s for sure. There is simply no other good enough alternative to the iPad.

Now, everyone in Singapore (Apple fans or haters) is asking just when is the release date of iPad Mini going to be? If we look back on past  trends, Singapore will be among the first batch of countries to receive any of Apple’s major product releases. It happened for iPhone 4S. It happened for the new iPad and it happened for iPhone 5. Despite the many production setbacks, Apple’s logistic chain is second to none and they will certainly make the iPad mini available about 1 week after the unveiling of the device. Working on such timeline, fans here can expect the iPad mini release date in Singapore to be no later than Friday, November 2.

Do you think our wish for the iPad mini will come true? I certainly hope so.

  1. Apple has run out of ideas. First it decides to sue SAMSUNG, then it just makes a smaller version of something it already has?

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