Nov 2, 2012

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iPad mini Singapore Fan Reviews and Hands-on Experience

[UPDATED] Few months have now passed since Apple first unveiled the iPad mini. When Apple took the wrap off this smaller variants of the iPad, critics and naysayers were quick to predict its failure. Many believed that the introduction would be the beginning of the end for Apple. Many predicted that sales of iPad mini would cannibalize its bigger brother, the iPad. Amid an avalanche of criticism, we saw a muted iPad mini Singapore launch event, probably one of the quietest launch event that we have seen from Apple’s devices.

Now that the dust has settled and holiday shopping season is over, it will not be long before we get to know the real winner. Apple is set to announce their quarterly report on January 23. By then, we would know if Apple’s marketing team has get it right again. Or it is the pundit and non-believers who get it right. But judging on the crowd and enthusiasm that I’ve seen from iPad mini Singapore fan, I think Apple gets it right again.

I have a confession to make. I, myself, is an avid iPad mini Singapore fan. I have played with the iPad mini a few times at the retail stores. I love the form factor that comes with the iPad mini. It feels weightless if you compare it with other tablets of similar size, such as the Nexus 7. I found it comfortable to be holding on to the 7.9-inch screen. Initially, one of my worry was the small edges on the left and right side. I was worried that it would get in the way, especially when I’m holding it with one hand. It turned out that my worry was dumbfounded. The iPad mini software was intelligent enough to detect and handle this case. I was still able to use the device as per normal even when my thumb is pressing the edge of the screen. Going back to Steve Jobs’ words, it simply works.

I found the screen to be big enough for a pleasant browsing experience. If you have always been browsing from the iPhone, you would appreciate the bigger screen. Also, I found the screen resolution to be surprisingly good. For normal usages like Internet browsing, I don’t find significant downgrade to the viewing quality compared to say the iPhone.

However, despite all the good things about iPad mini, I found the price tag of S$448 to be a little high. On impulse, I almost wanted to make a purchase for this device. On second thought, I shelved off the plan. I thought I should just wait for iPad mini 2, which is rumored to be coming in the first quarter 2013.

So, are you an iPad mini Singapore fan? Did you get yourself the iPad mini during the holiday? Or are you waiting for the iPad mini 2? Share your story in the comment below.

[Earlier Story] A MUTED IPAD MINI SINGAPORE LAUNCH: Has Apple Lost its Mojo?

Today is the official global launch date for iPad mini. It is now officially available in a handful of countries and Singapore happens to be among the first batch countries to see the device go on sale today. We are so fortunate to see iPad mini Singapore launch to be the same as the first global rollout. By now, reports of launch event worldwide are streaming in. It appears that while faithful fans are still willing to spend hours queuing just to be the first to own the device, the worldwide launch of iPad mini has received significantly muted response compared to all previous Apple product launches. The same trend is observed here during the iPad mini Singapore launch events held islandwide.

Among all the countries, Australia has always been the first country to see Apple’s product launches. I’ve compiled a series of previous iPad launches in Sydney and you can see how far Apple’s appeal has come down, particularly during the latest iPad mini launch. Gone are the high adrenaline crowds queuing up for days just to be the first in line. How do you think the next iPad (or iPhone) launch will be like?

Analysts are already predicting that the time for Apple to turn from tech giant to dinosaur is not too far away with one predicting the time may come as early as next year. First, we saw Apple’s worst product launch in iPhone 5. Then fans were treated to iOS 6′s unfinished Map apps. Then we saw Apple firing its chief architect who built iOS from scratch. And now we saw a muted iPad mini launch. If I were an Apple investor, I have all reasons to be worried and probably have to plot my exit soon.

With Steve Jobs no longer with them, it seems that Apple has lost much of its Mojo. What do you think?

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