Nov 13, 2012

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[Rumors] iPhone 5s Trial Production to Kick Off Soon

Less than 2 months after iPhone 5 is made available worldwide and here in Singapore, we are shocked by a news revelation that has just emerged. According to a report from Digitimes, Apple is now planning to kick start trial production of the next generation iPhone. No, it will not be called iPhone 6 (at least according to the rumors). It will be called iPhone 5s instead.

According to the report, the reason why Apple ‘has decided’ to accelerate the iPhone regeneration is because the low yield rates that it is currently facing in producing iPhone 5. Days back, Foxconn’s chairman, Terry Gou, has blatantly opened up to the media by saying that iPhone 5 is hard to make. This is not the first time (and surely it won’t be the last) we heard of the production issue plaguing iPhone 5. Earlier, we have heard reports of Foxconn factory workers going on a strike over the quality control demands of iPhone  5.

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As Samsung is stepping up its game and seemed determined to overthrow Apple as the smartphone king, Tim Cook must be feeling the pressure and they cannot let the current situation persist for too long. Remember that there are still dozens of countries where iPhone 5 has not been made available yet. In Singapore, stocks have returned to many of the telco outlets but my last check with Apple Store online shows that shipping time has now slipped back to 2-3 weeks again, where it was only 2-3 days one week ago.

iPhone 5 shipping time in Singapore

Looking at the Apple that we see today, they are no longer the same Apple that we see yesterday. With Steve Jobs no longer around and Tim Cook at the helm, Apple has lost its visionary leadership. To me, they have turned from the greatest innovative company that we’ve seen to just a money beast operated based on numbers and spreadsheets.  Few days ago, an ex-Apple executive told ReadWrite that the Tim Cook he knew is a person who like to tinker with spreadsheets and numbers. He added that he never felt Tim Cook’s passion for technology as great as that of Steve Jobs and some of the great engineers.

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So, if you’ve been thinking of upgrading yourself to iPhone 5, would it be good to just wait a few more months for iPhone 5s to come out? If rumors were true, expect iPhone 5s to be unveiled in the first quarter of next year which is likely to be between March or April 2013.

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