Jan 8, 2013

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Nexus 4 Singapore Long Wait will Soon be Over?

Touted as the best Android smartphone that one can get at the moment, pre-order for LG-Google Nexus 4 has finally kicked off in Indonesia. For fans in Singapore, does it mean that the long wait for Nexus 4 Singapore will soon be over? Based on sources with knowledge of the matter, I can tell you that all signs are pointing to Nexus 4 Singapore release date to be no later than January 2013.

Pre-Order Indonesia


I still remember late last year, when I did a comprehensive coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Note II launch in Singapore. Back then, we saw a pattern that is closely identical to the current situation. First released to the public in November 2012, the phone received initial mixed reviews. I consider such balanced discussion healthy so that we can see all the pros and cons of the hotly anticipated device.

Above everything else, if there is a single factor attributing to the phone’s massive popularity across the globe, it has to be its extremely sexy price. Google has set a new low for a smartphone of such caliber. The price tag for Nexus 4 selling in US is only US$299. This has left many – both fans and naysayers – dumbfounded in disbelief.

If price is the ‘honey’ of Google’s latest benchmark device, storage and lack of LTE were the two biggest shortcomings of the otherwise close to perfect smartphone. With only 8GB of storage and no room for SD card expansion, many were questioning the real reason before Google’s decision. While everyone else (including iPhone 5) is running the LTE race, the omission of LTE in this Google phone is seen as a step in the wrong direction.

Despite all the heavy criticism, sales of Nexus 4 have taken everyone by surprise. This is including Google and LG themselves. When pre-order of the device kicked off, all available units were snapped off within hours. By late November 2012, reports emerged pointing to shipping times of 8-9 weeks. Just few days ago, users from the Android community put an estimate of 400,000 units to have been produced by LG. They ended up with such number by deciphering the IMEI serial numbers of each phone.

This is clearly good and bad news for both Google and LG. They seemed to have been blown away by the response of their latest partnership device and they need to quickly figure out how to ramp up production of this device. Earlier, officials from LG Indonesia was quoted as tipping off December 2012 timeframe as Nexus 4 Indonesia launch. They seemed to have missed the mark and it has been delayed by about a month. Few days ago, January 5, 2013 to be exact, pre-order for Nexus 4 Indonesia kicked off. The pre-order is done by Multiply, one of the leading e-commerce provider in Indonesia. Initially, the pre-order period is supposed to have lasted until January 10. However, in less than 3 days time, they have run out of stock for the launch.


Is this going to be the end of the wait for Nexus 4 Singapore? Are we going to see announcement for Nexus 4 Singapore release date soon? I spoke to few people familiar of the matter and it seems that you can expect so. For your info, this is already the second time that Singapore is getting a later launch for the latest flagship Android smartphone. For Samsung Galaxy Note II, its launch in Singapore was about one week later after fans in Indonesia got their hands on the device. Can we expect the same for Nexus 4 Singapore release date? I say, let the countdown begins.

Fans in Indonesia would be getting their pre-ordered by January 11 (delivery) and January 12 (self-collection). In the case of Galaxy Note 2, we saw its release date one week after Indonesia. So, for Nexus 4 release date in Singapore, I anticipate it should be no later than the third week of January 2013. Stay tuned and I’ll bring you the update as soon as I heard them from the local telcos.

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The next question that fans in Singapore would be asking is what would be the Nexus 4 Singapore price tag? In Indonesia, the pre-order price is around 4.75 Million Rupiah. Translated to Singapore dollar, it is around S$600. This is still in-line with my earlier prediction for the Nexus 4 Singapore price. I expect the non-contract price in Singapore to be no lower than S$550 and no higher than S$650.

Are you eagerly waiting for this phone to make its landing in Singapore? Share your comments (or frustration) below.

  1. At $550-650 range i would rather wait for the next flagship of smart phone like htc DNA, sony xperia Z.. etc
    all these phone has a better screen (1080p), expandable memory, better camera.. etc with i believe to be no more than $990 non-contract.

  2. Nice trend analysis.

    If you don’t mind me asking, where are your sources from? Are they reliable?

    Like Jon said, if people have been waiting since November for this phone, they would probably not mind waiting a bit more for the newer phones. With CES over with its fair share of mobile announcements, the next event is MWC which is going to be held towards the end of February.

    However, a Nexus device is a Nexus device. Support for it will probably be continued for quite some time after, as opposed to other phones out there. There will be an abundance of custom ROMs – I’ve no doubt about that, since the Nexus 4 is one of the more suitable development phones in the Android world.

    Not to mention, direct software updates is a big plus and I think we can expect the N4 to go up to at least two/three more Android OS updates. After having tried out HTC Sense, Samsung’s TouchWiz and stock Android, stock Android is really the way to go.

    • Carla Liew says:

      Hi ZY,

      Thanks for the head up about the upcoming MWC. You are absolutely right that there are many smartphone-related announcements made during the CES that was just over. Personally, I did not see many impressive ones, except for Samsung’s long-rumoured flexible display prototype. I’m not sure about you, but many technology enthusiasts (click here for one example) have been disappointed with the smartphones announcement coming out of CES. And like you said, everyone is now turning to MWC for surprises.

      About the Nexus 4, one of the main reason for its global sell-out is its price tag with no contract. That’s why even with flagship smartphones with the likes of Samsung’s SIII and Note II and even iPhone 5, Nexus 4 is still highly appealing. Unless we see newer phones offering such hardware specification as that found in Nexus 4 and at lower price, I think Google has its own game to beat. But that’s just my opinion, what do you think?

      - carla

      • I think the Sony Xperia Z/ZL made a pretty big impression as well. It easily stole the mobile aspect of CES.

        It’s true that the N4 is cheap, but that’s only really when you buy it direct from Google. Getting it from telcos is another matter altogether. If I remember correctly, a Brazilian (or some telco of European origin) did not want to sell the N4 due to its higher price tag. It was along those lines.

        I’m pretty sure that as with the case in Indonesia, the price will be marked up.

        However, I’m truthfully just waiting for the N4 to be sold by local telcos, which I hope is soon as I really need to get a change of phone.

    • For Nexus device i agree the software support are faster and continue for a few cycles but after project butter been implement in 4.1 and beyond, there’s only just small minor update that excite me but rather i prefer individual phone maker implementation of their skin over stock android for example premium suite update for galaxy s3 and note 2 is a winning formula over the Competitor.


      looking at HTC buttefly will be launching next week at $800 non contract i think the contract price might not be too high either.
      on a side note xperia z are more impressive for the better camera and water proof tech

  3. So, any word on the Nexus 4 in Singapore?

    LG just recently mentioned they will have no problems with stock around Feb, which sadly means that MWC will just be right around the corner. Of course, LG is expected to release their own line of phones there (there’s an apparent leak of a new Optimus phone).

  4. Read 6 Feb issue of Digital Life (Straits Times supplement)
    Scott Jung, MD of LG Singapore says there are no plans to bring in the Nexus 4 locally. They would rather concentrate on the Optimus G.

    Time to get those export sets ppl!

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