Nov 2, 2012

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Pink Galaxy Note II – A matter of IF or When

In my earlier blog, I ran an extensive coverage of Singapore fans’ anticipation of the Galaxy Note 2 launch in Singapore. The poorly managed roll-out of phone in Singapore soured the mood to what should have become a great experience. Samsung deserves credit for making such an awesome device, creating a new ‘phablet’ category and venture into an uncharted territory that no other phone makers are bold enough to enter.

LATEST NEWS: Pink Note 2 has Landed in Taiwan. Will it Come to Singapore?

Pink Note

From my recent checks, I’ve discovered that many SingTel outlets have run out of the device. My check with each of the three telcos’ (SingTel, Starhub and M1) Facebook pages seems to confirm my finding. Many Galaxy Note II fans in Singapore have been left frustrated because many of the telcos’ outlets have run out of stock and they cannot give any definite answer to the customers.

M1 Facebook Note 2 page

SingTel Facebook Note 2 pageStarhub Facebook Note 2 page

Personally , I’m not sure if the Note shortage in Singapore is due to its popularity or due to bad demand forecast on Samsung’s part or due to them not being able to produce fast enough. We’ve heard reports coming out of FoxConn factories in China about the strict quality control for iPhone 5 which makes the production yield to be low. This explains why the shortage of iPhone 5 worldwide and this is not the first time this has happened to Apple. But for Samsung, I’ve not heard of such news.

Another big question that Note fans worldwide (mostly ladies) are asking is whether Samsung will ever release Galaxy Note II in pink. If we look at the current supply crunch (even when only 16GB version of the Note has been made available), I would think in most realistic scenario, we can expect the pink note to be available only in 2013 at the earliest. There are few barriers that they need to first overcome. First, they need to figure out how to produce the 16GB in two color variations (white and titanium gray) fast enough to meet the demand. Second, there is still the 32GB and 64GB variants that have not been made in many countries worldwide, including Singapore.

Only after they overcome these issues, then we can expect them to release the pink note. But looking at today’s pace of smartphones being rolled out, time could be running out fast. If the pink note cannot be made available by June 2013, it absolutely has no chance as we can expect a new generation of the note (maybe Galaxy Note 3) to be unveiled around this time next year. Looking at their supply crunch issue, I would not bet on them being able to resolve it before end of this year. I would think a logical time frame that we can expect the Pink Note II to be available would be March 2013 at the earliest.

So, do you think Pink Galaxy Note II is a matter of IF or WHEN?

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