Feb 8, 2013

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Pink Note 2 has Landed in Taiwan. Will it Come to Singapore?

Just moments ago, the arrival of Pink Galaxy Note 2 set the entire Galaxy note 2 fan world abuzz. Some time back, I made a prediction that the possibility that if ever we are going to see Galaxy Note 2 in pink, it will be somewhere close to March period. Fans, especially note 2 lady users, have been asking and waiting. There was no guarantee of certainty as there was no single words came out from Samsung that could serve as a hint to its fate.

Picture of Pink Note 2

If you are among those who have been on the sidelines and waiting faithfully for the lovely pink note 2 to be here, you may be in for a celebration. Samsung is indeed, still listening to fans like us, who would wait for the pink version no matter what. The Pink Galaxy Note II has been officially made available. There was no big hu-ha or launch celebration. There was not even official press release yet (as far as I can reliably find). But it is officially listed in Samsung Taiwan’s website. Here is the screenshot of the new queen.

Pink Note 2 in Samsung Taiwan Website

One big delight to me, is the pink color variation that is offered this time round. The pink color is lighter and appear more like a baby pink to me. This is awesome as the new queen looks absolutely prettier than its predecessor, Pink Note 1.

But… Pink Note fans in Singapore still probably have to wait a little longer. It is quite disappointing. If only it is made available now, it would make a perfect gift for the Chinese New Year.

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Now that the Note 2 in pink appear to be officially on the radar, do you think it will definitely be made available in Singapore? If it is, will you rush to get it?

  1. When will Singapore launch the pink Note 2?

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