Oct 24, 2012

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Sale of iPad mini in Singapore starts Nov 2. Pre-order starts Oct 26.

This is the moment that Apple fans, watchers, analysts, bloggers and journalists around the world has been waiting for. iPad fans in Singapore who have been wanting to get their iPad but remain on the sideline because of price reason, iPad mini is what you have been waiting for. Sale of iPad mini in Singapore starts on November 2. If you want to get the device on launch date, remember that Pre-Order starts this Friday, October 26.

Price of Apple iPad mini in Singapore starts at S$448 for 16GB option with WiFi only connectivity. You can opt for 32GB and 64GB model at the price of S$578 and S$708 each. If you are looking to get one that works on cellular network, pricing starts from S$618, S$748 and S$878.

The question that is probably swirling around your mind now is ‘how do I know which iPad model is the right one for me?’. To add to the confusion, Apple is revamping the naming of almost the entire iPad family. With the introduction of iPad mini, Apple has now renamed the new iPad simply as iPad. No, there is no iPad 3. If you ever wonder why, it is an amusing question that everyone has been asking. Other than the name upgrade (or downgrade – it has been stripped of the new phrase), iPad sees minor changes to its specification. Now everyone is confused as what name should they use to refer to the iPad. Is it still the third generation iPad? Or is it now considered as fourth generation iPad? I’ll use the iPad instead to describe it. So, the iPad now comes with faster A6X processor and lightning connector.

Fortunately, the Apple marketing team have anticipated this confusion early. Below is a snapshot taken from Apple’s page that compares members of the iPad family.


iPad mini vs iPad 2 vs iPad

iPad mini vs iPad 2 vs iPad

  1. Cheok Yi Jung says:

    Hey Cheng,
    This is a great news,although the price is not as good. But still it get my nerves up for excitement. Need to purchase this one right away. Cool dude!! Thanks for the info.

  2. Wow this gonna be exciting Ipad Mini is in the town. I’ll put that in my Calendar November 2,2012. I’m gonna get this cool thing. I know Ipad will gonna be replaced someday but I will still used my Ipad since it’s the original thing on Apple.

  3. MiguelAleksich says:

    Apple’s strategy of making expensive products backed by aggressive marketing has worked wonders for them.

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