Feb 15, 2013

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Will Samsung Galaxy Grand Singapore Release Date be Coming?

Not few Samsung Galaxy Grand Singapore fans are fooled by the name that Samsung has assigned to this specific phone model of theirs. After all, the success of Galaxy S2/S3 and Galaxy Note 1/2 has set a high bar for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line of smartphones. From the term used, the name ‘Grand’ is rightfully supposed to be a status indicator that the Galaxy Grand is built for. Unfortunately, this seems to be a case of linguistic abuse at the expense of marketing liberty.

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If you are like most other Galaxy Grand Singapore fans who pinned high hopes on this sibling of the Samsung Galaxy family, it is time to lower down your expectation if you do not want to end up with disappointment. If earlier I applauded Samsung for their bold decision to treat smartphone users with 5.3 inch screen found in Galaxy Note (1st edition) hence inventing the non-official ‘phablet’ category, I think the decision to line up the Galaxy Grand to be part of the awesome Galaxy family and even awarding it the Grand title is a real foolish decision.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Singapore Release Date when

Galaxy Grand Singapore fans need to get to know the technical specification of the phone and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Top of the list is the network capability supported by the phone. Samsung’s Galaxy Grand supports only 2G and up to 3G networks. No, it is not LTE-ready and it means no blazing speed Internet connectivity. Compared this to the Galaxy Note II N7100 and SIII I9300. Next is the display panel. Unlike the Note 2 and S3 that use Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, the grand uses ordinary non-Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. Resolution-wise, the grand offers 400×800 compared to the 700×1280 pixel resolution offered in Samsung’s two flagship galaxy models. The pixel density of the grand comes in only at a pathetic 187ppi, much lower than Note 2′s 267ppi and S3′s 306ppi. The grand does not come with corning gorilla glass protection. The internal storage capacity of the grand is only 8GB with 1GB RAM. The entry-level variants of Note II and SIII come with 16GB storage and 2GB RAM. The processor used to power the grand is dual-core running at 1.2GHz, compared to the quad-core 1.6GHz and 1.4GHz used for Note 2 and S3.


Just by looking at the spec alone, let us try to decode which market segment does Samsung has in mind with this Grand Galaxy. First off, the phone is a full dual-sim phone. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a cool new feature. It is not. Support for dual sim has been around for the longest time, even before smartphone took over the reign from traditional handset. The question that I have is if such feature is really popular and cool, why is there no flagship smartphone equipped with this capability? This is not the first time Samsung is making a full dual-sim phone (eg Galaxy Champ DUOS) but it ended up being only a fringe and not flagship model of Samsung.

How often in Singapore do you see people carrying multiple phones? Rarely. How often in places like Jakarta or Mumbai do you see people carrying multiple phones? Almost 1 in 2 mobile phone users in such places carry more than 1 phones. There is a good reason for this. I’m not sold on the marketing tagline for the use of dual sim phone in Singapore that champions the flexibility of switiching between work and personal phone with one device. If there is such an urgent need for us in Singapore to separate our work and personal phone line, sales of dual sim phones would be thriving in Singapore. Then we can absolutely be certain that Galaxy Grand Singapore fans will be in for a treat. But it is never really the case.

The real reason why you need dual sim phones is the competition between the local telcos. In Jakarta for example, there are dozens of telcos around. Among the perks used to retain or grow their subscriber base, telcos there are offering lucrative deals such as free or minimal charge for intra-operator calls. Things like free SMS for intra-operator numbers is common. Such kinds of offers are the norms in places where telco competitions are stiff such as India and Philippines. In Singapore? Yes, we have 3 telcos fighting for a small pie. Do we really feel the existence of real competition between them? I leave you to answer the question.

Now you see the real needs for dual sim phones in markets such as Jakarta, Mumbai and Manila. As almost everyone carries at least 2 numbers from different operators, it makes logical sense to use a phone where you can activate two sim cards from two different operators in a single phone. This will save the cost of buying additional handset and carrying multiple phones that can be a hassle.


Now that you have seen the technical specification of this member of the Samsung Galaxy clan, you very much have a good idea on how it fits into the overall plan. The phone is not as ‘Grand’ as its name suggests. At best, it is a grand compromise on Samsung’s part. I see it as their ploy to expand the ‘phablet’ category into the low cost market segment. Do I think it is a phone worth considering by Galaxy Grand Singapore fans? I don’t thik so. Do I see the Galaxy Grand Singapore release coming? I don’t see any good reason for Samsung to bring it to the Singapore market.

Do you think Samsung Galaxy Grand will ever be released in Singapore? Tell us in the comments below.

  1. There are many people with more than 1 line. May be u shd chk the lines vs population eligible to apply. The reason ppl are not buying is there ain’t decent specs dual sim smartphone . Even Sony start to sell dual sim phone in SG. it is also great for travellers who use local sim. so i dun quite agree with ur comments. i certainly hope they will launch in SG.

  2. I agreed with VW. I have been given a free sim card for internet useses since last stepember, but becaue i have only one smart phone (cause smart phone is quite expansive can’t afforod to get another set and carrying two set is troublesome)i can’t change the sim card in and out when i when to xecess the internet. with a dual sim phone i can use one for normal useage and switch the other one to excess the web.**8 (my current plan dun have data plan)

  3. Simon Han says:

    I travel a lot, using the local No sim and my Singapore sim. Therefore a dua sim is very helpful.

  4. There are dual sim Note 3 and S3 in China Samsung shops now. Hope they come to Singapore soon

  5. More Singaporeans are traveling overseas for work and having a dual SIM phone really helps. I, for one, travel for work and I used to carry two phones. One for work and the other my personal line. It makes claiming for your expense easier. I have always been looking out for dual-sim phone with decent specs but till now, the best I can find is HTC Desire V which I’m currently using. HTC Desire V is a little laggy at time and I am really looking forward to the realse Galaxy Grand in SG despite the sub-par screen resolution for this screen size. For work, I would say the Samsung Galaxy is sufficient to be considered decent.

  6. I totally agree with all the reply comments. By reading the feedback from Carla. My guess she does not travel for work therefore could not understand the purpose of having dual sim phones. Having dual sim allows overseas # and local # messages and email to be kept in 1 phones. Easy for reference.

    China has the most dual sims phones is because calling from one state to another state (in china) are treated as overseas charges. Therefore travellers would require a dual sim to enjoy huge savings.

    So Carla, please go to the outside world and see before commenting.

  7. A lot of foreigners work in spore, and a dual SIM smartphone is great to have. I know of many Malaysians working in spore who would like to have one, as many of them carry two SIM cards, one for Malaysia and one for spore.

  8. I can’t believe someone living in Singapore can be so narrow minded. Singapore is a major global hub and many, if not most Singaporean professionals travel extensively, some even split their time between two or more countries. If any market needed a dual sim phone, it would be Singapore.

  9. I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. I just have to say I’m loving my phone! You got to use it to know it. Everybody can do reviews without using it.

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