Jan 15, 2013

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Singapore Release When?

I’m not quite sure if it is just Samsung or is it because the Singapore smartphone market has lost its sexiness among the smartphone makers. More than two months after its unveiling, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Singapore release date remains much a mystery. I’m writing this article because many fans have expressed their frustration while waiting for the arrival of this little sibling from Samsung’s family of flagship Galaxy phones.

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There are two theorems as to why for few times in a row now, smartphone users in Singapore has been left out from being the first to own the latest (and hottest) Android phones. It happened to Galaxy Note 2 Singapore fans. It happened to Nexus 4 Singapore fans. It now happened to S3 mini Singapore fans are going through the same dismay.

Days ago, reports surfaced that S3 mini Indonesia fans are now able to buy this smaller version of the highly popular Galaxy S3. I’ve tried to find some official confirmation from Samsung Indonesia or the local telcos. I checked with Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest telco. I could not find any bundle package related to the SIII mini. I tried checking with Indosat and XL, the second and third largest operator in Indonesia. None of them seem to have the SIII mini Indonesia price plan listed.

LATEST UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Singapore Price & Availability

To satisfy my curiosity, I tried searching and asking few of my Indonesian contacts. The most reliable source that I can get so far is from detik, which reported the S3 mini Indonesia price as 3.5Million Rupiah (~SGD375). While there is no exact statement of confirmation, I gather from my Indonesian contacts that this is the price of the SIII mini without contract.

At this point of time, I’m still trying to ascertain the validity of this information that I have on hand. But if this is true, then it is good and bad news for Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Singapore fans. The good news is because handset prices (with no contract) in Singapore are generally lower than they are in Indonesia. If there is no break from past trend, the S3 mini price without contract in Singapore should not be higher than $350. Do not take my word as any form of guarantee. I will try to keep you guys posted on any words about the Galaxy S3 mini Singapore official release date and pricing information.

However, the bad news is Samsung Galaxy SIII mini fans in Singapore might not see the device make its landing in Singapore after all. After all, the S3 mini is just a run-down version of the hot selling Galaxy S3. If Samsung were to made the S3 mini available in Singapore, maybe they are afraid of risking cannibalization of their own sales? Since the S3 brings in higher margin to them, would it make sense then to make the S3 mini available in such small market as Singapore?

Other than this, I do not see any solid and logical reason as to why Singapore can be included in Apple’s first tier countries to see the launch of any major device, but it has now been trailing behind such markets as Indonesia and Vietnam when it comes to the launch of Android devices.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and frustration in anticipation of the S3 mini Singapore below.

  1. Razqi billah says:

    How many price release in indon ?

    • Carla Liew says:

      Hi Razqi,

      Do you mean its price in Indonesia? Based on the article in detik, it should be about IDR3,5Million.

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