Feb 21, 2013

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date in Singapore [Speculation]

[UPDATED] It is now confirmed that Samsung will unveil its next generation flagship Galaxy S4 on March 14. It was South Korea’s Edaily site that first reportedly giving confirmation from Samsung’s mobile head, JK Shin. If last year Samsung picked London as its venue in announcing the hugely popular Galaxy S3 phone, it has picked New York this year. To me, this is interesting. This marks a bold attempt by Samsung to take on Apple in its home turf. Rumors are abound on the SIII’s specifications. But let’s wait for another three weeks and let the countdown begin.

Who do you think will be the Android King in 2013? Will Samsung retain the throne with its Galaxy S4? Pick Your Winner Now

[PREVIOUS UPDATE] Samsung has successfully made a dent to the smartphone universe that has until now been dominated by Apple. In the past 2 years, Samsung has turned its back against one of its previously closest ally. Initially started as component suppliers to majority of Apple’s i-devices (particularly the iPhone), Samsung was a fast learner indeed. In smartphone, they saw the beginning of a new computing era and it was a market too big to ignore. This was even if it means risking one of its biggest customer and partner.

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The Samsung Galaxy line of devices started back in 2010 with the first generation of the Samsung Galaxy S I9000. Looking back and in Steve Jobs’ word, let’s try to connect the dots, we can now see that by the naming alone, Samsung was already harbouring big ambition and it was quietly learning from its closest and biggest partner. It did not choose to name the phone with all the long and meaningless serial numbering (remember the days when we have to remember so many phone models with the likes of Nokia E63/E71/E72 bla bla bla?). Instead, it decided to go with a more sexy and cool name Galaxy S.

Now we are in 2013 and the Galaxy S has seen 3 generations of refinement. 2011 was the birth year of Galaxy S2 and 2012 was the birth year of Galaxy S3. While the initial Galaxy S and S2 did not receive much success, the Galaxy S3 was the breakthrough for Samsung. Unveiled at the beginning of May 2012, its pre-order three weeks later hit a record of 9 millions which was high by any means of standard.

This year, all rumours and speculations are pointing to March 14 as the date for the unveiling of the Galaxy S4. The date is interesting to me. First of all, it seems a bit too early considering that last year, the S3 was unveiled only in May. But maybe they are really feeling the pressure from other smartphone makers such as HTC (which has recently launch the HTC One), Sony (which has recently launch the new Xperia Z) and LG (which has recently seen unprecedented success in Nexus 4 (See also: LG Optimus G is the Nexus 4-Optimized?) and now gearing up for Optimus G). The other thing that puzzles me is the date that is barely two weeks after the Mobile World Congress 2013. It seems that the era of such big conferences as CES and MWC is coming to an end and brands prefer to flash their new sexy gadgets on their own time and place. At the time of this writing, the fresh news out of New York City is the unveiling of PlayStation 4 by Sony. They could have announced it during the CES, could they not?

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The most interesting question that Galaxy fans in Singapore are eagerly asking is when will the Galaxy S4 release date in Singapore be? Let me try to look back at past records and come up with a rough estimate on when this date is going to be. In 2011, the S2 was announced on February 13 and that was held during MWC 2011. It was only made available in Singapore on June 11. Simple maths calculation here. The lag time was 4 months. In 2012, the S3 was announced on May 8 and was made available in Singapore on May 29. (See also: Galaxy SIII Singapore Telco Price Comparison: SingTel vs Starhub vs M1) The lag time was significantly reduced to only 3 weeks. Unless Samsung is able to achieve the kind of supply chain that only Apple has been able to master, I think the Galaxy S4 will only make its debut in Singapore some time end of March or first week of April.

Have you been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Share with me your thoughts in the comment below. Stay tuned and I’ll provide more update as soon as they are available.

  1. Anyone any idea tat i can pre-order or get a Galaxy S4 in Singapore before May 2013? Cause i wanted to surprise my wife with this new gadget that she is eyeing for at our 10 years wedding anniversary! Please help, thanks!

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