Mar 7, 2013

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Counting Down to Galaxy S4 Unveiling: What to Expect

Samsung’s Galaxy Universe seems to be getting bigger and bigger with each flagship Galaxy product release. Freshly crowned as the best smartphone of 2012, the Galaxy S3 is about to be reborn. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has cemented its legacy with the crown and one of the best smartphone launches ever when it hits 9 millions pre-order last year. With Applle’s iPhone lust fading (Andy Ihnatko, one of Apple’s biggest columnist has recently decided enough is enough and jumped ship to Android), Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 has so far been the biggest and most anticipated event among gadget fans worldwide. Not the recent MWC. Not the CES. But it is Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 that the world is watching right now.

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I’m no fan of football, but the equivalent of the Champions League clash between Real Madrid and Manchester United, to geeks worldwide and in Singapore, is probably this one event. It seems that Samsung is learning really fast and taking each lesson from Apple’s playbook into practice. It has learnt how to build the hype machine surrounding its product launch. Claimed leaks of technical specification and images of what is expected to be the next Galaxy S4 is abundant. It has reached to the point where you are no longer able to tell which leaks are genuine and which are not. This is again, reminiscent of Steve Jobs’ time when every Apple’s product launch was massive. The question is whether Samsung has learnt enough to manage its fans’ expectation and if things went unplanned (remember iPhone’s antennagate?), can they still withstand the storm?

It is atypical of Apple to have no big event at this period of the year. During Steve Jobs’ era, Apple’s marketing was so simple yet was successful. It has only 2 major events every year. One is held during March which was typically reserved for the iPads and Macs refreshments. Second is held during September which was typically reserved for the iPhones, making it fresh and hot gadget just in time for the Christmas holiday shopping. But under Tim Cook, things have changed and we have yet to see clear pattern on how their product launch plan. So far, most of Apple’s product launches under Tim Cook, has been underwhelming or if not, disappointing. Think about this. Every time Tim Cook takes on the stage and start to speak, Apple’s stock plunges (click here to read the details).

With so much hype and rumors behind the S4 launch, what is it the biggest new feature do you expect out of the S4? Just days ago, new rumors suggested that the S4 will be equipped with eye sensor that allows you to scroll on the text that you are reading. This, to me is the biggest of all. Faster processor. Bigger screen. Better camera. Those were the old rule of the game. I see the future lies in the software and capability powering up the new and upcoming smartphones. Will eye scroll change the way we read from our phone just like the way the touch keypad change the way we type on our phone? Or will it be a flop just like the way Siri is floundering now? Only time will tell. If this feature is really going to work, Samsung may be worthy of taking over Apple as the world’s most innovative tech company, in my opinion.

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What do you think? Share with us what is your biggest expectation of the Galaxy S4. My adrenaline is definitely running high but we still have 7 more days to go before the big bang!

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