Feb 6, 2013

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Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Singapore Telco Price Comparison

Samsung first unveiled Galaxy SIII mini in October 2012. It all began with press invitation sent out in Germans that translates to “That’s how big small can be”. After such a long waith the smallest of the biggest Galaxy family has finally made its landing in Singapore. Unlike its bigger siblings (Galaxy Note II and SIII), the launching of the Galaxy S3 mini was deafeningly muted. There was no big launch event as was the case for Note 2 debut in Singapore. There was no major press releases. There was no telco invitation to pre-order (I am still trying to confirm this. But my last check with few friends subscribed to different telcos seem to confirm this) and there was no line-up during the launch day.

Anyway, Galaxy S3 mini Singapore fans finally have a reason to rejoice. The long wait is over and it is not a futile wait. If you are among those who have been holding back on your handset upgrade plan, it is time to act. According to M1′s listing, the Singapore retail price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini without contract is $568. At the time of this writing, my check with the local mobile phone shops found that their non-contract price is between $520-$550. If you are not in a rush, wait for a few weeks till the demand-supply situation has settled.

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In the case of its bigger sibling, the Galaxy SIII, its recommended retail price is $868 but you can get unbundled price between $750-$780. But if you can’t wait to get your hands on this little addition to the Galaxy family, then I have compiled the mobile plan price comparison across SingTel, Starhub and M1. Unlike the iPhone telco price comparison, comparing the offering for the SIII mini is a little slippery. The 3 telcos are not bundling the S3 mini with the same price plan.

I’m not sure if it is just the error with the online system or it is intentionally the case. For Starhub, the online system does not allow me to select the SmartSurf plan. It only allows me to select one of the the 3G PowerValue plans, which is a total crap. As you know, the Starhub 3G PowerValue plans do not come with any data bundle. For M1 and SingTel, there is no such problem. If you are with M1, you can still go for the ValueSurf+ or LiteSurf+. If you are with SingTel, you can still opt for FlexiLite or FlexiValue.

Just to make sure that we are comparing apple to apple here, I’ve excluded the comparison for Starhub. If you are keen to find out their plan, please click here. Based on the comparison below, the price that you have to pay at the end of your 2-year contract with SingTel is slightly cheaper than M1. Whether you opt for the cheaper ($39) or the more expensive ($59) plan, the price difference is around $60 at the end of 24-months period.

Flexi Lite
Value Surf+
Outgoing 100 mins 120 mins
SMS/MMS 800 600
Local Data 2GB 2GB
Monthly Plan $39.90 $39.00
Handset Price $168 $248
24-months Total $1125.60 $1184.00
Flexi Value
Lite Surf+
Outgoing 200 mins 300 mins
SMS/MMS 900 800
Local Data 3GB 3GB
Monthly Plan $59.90 $59.00
Handset Price $68 $148
24-months Total $1505.60 $1564.00

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