Mar 29, 2015

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Singapore O Singapore…

Singapore is no more than just a little red dot in the World’s map. With total area of less than 750 square kilometers, Singapore is by total land area, among the tiniest nation in the world. If you refer to the size chart alone, Singapore is compareable only with tiny nations that are geographically in the middle of no where such as in the middle of the carribean seas or pacific ocean. Unlike many of these other small states, Signapore has taken an entirely different path of destiny.

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While Singapore like many of its mini counterparts, does rely sizeable portion of its economy on tourism receipt, the face of tourism in Singapore is unlike most others. With per capita income level of US$56,532, Singapore has recently topped the chart as the richest nation in the world. (Click here to see full report) The report further projected that by 2050, Singapore will maintain its position and will far surpass countries such as US, Hong Kong and Norway.

How does Singapore do it? Does it happen by itself? Is there some kind of divin intervention that elevates Singapore’s economy to where it is today? Is there some kind of advantages that Singapore enjoys but not others?

If you look at Singapore’s journey in the past few decades, you will see that Singapore’s story is unique. Singapore’s economic achievements is by any means, not an accident. Instead, it is a carefully choreographed grand vision married with some of the most meticulous policy planning and execution that many other governments can only talk about but not achieve.

If you think that there has to be some natural factors that favors Singapore’s position, it is quite the contrary. In actual fact, all the odds were stacked agains her when SIngapore first declared its independence as a nation. With no natural wealth to tap into, there was no other way than for Singapore to turn to its own people. Human resource is all it has and today, Singapore has developed its productivity to among the highest in the world.

Singapore is today home to many of the world’s firsts. It is where the first Formula One night race was held. Its airport, Changi International Airport, is a regular chart topper when it comes to world’s best airport (as voted by millions of passengers according to Skytrax). Changi Airport is where the first Airbus A380 commercial passenger plane made its first commercial flight take-off. The list could go on and on but I’ll leave that you to find out if you are interested.

With such a rich story to tell and a story that only Singapore can claim its own, it is no wonder that millions of visitors flock to this tiny red dot every month. Today, more than a million toursits decide to call Singapore their holiday destination. A number that is jaw dropping if you consider that there are merely five millions population in the country.

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Singapore, be it for business or leisure, check out our reviews of the great sights that you should not miss when you are in Singapore.

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