The Miruku Story

How Geek Girls-Powered Technology Blog started

It all started in one fine day. Two geek girls met up over breakfast. They talked passionately on how to make the perfect breakfast – from the making of egg benedict to classic french omelette to country style omelette. Not sure how it all started, but the perfect breakfast conversation soon flipped towards geek talk. From egg benedict and omelette, the conversation slowly drifted into phones, camera and tablets. From pitting Jamie Oliver against Gordon Ramsey on who makes the best celebrity chef, discussion shifted towards titanic clash of the century that pits Apple against Samsung.

Fueled by their passion for technology, conversation between these two geeks turned into ferocious debate. They agree that technology companies, big or small, should continue to innovate or face slow death that has gripped many titans of the tech word such as Nokia (once the king of phone maker), RIM (once the king of corporate email devices) or a name that is closer to home – CREATIVE (once the king of PC sound card). However, they disagree on what defines innovation and whether the many mega IP wars going on across the globe is good or bad when it comes to consumer choices.

After hours of passionate conversation, the two geek girls come to the conclusion that none of them is right all the time. The most important thing is they both enjoyed such conversation. Realizing how much there is to talk about gadget, why not pour them over into blogs so that other geeks (especially geeks in Singapore) can read and enjoy, they asked themselves.

That was The Miruku Story – How geek girls-powered technology blog started. The Miruku is a technology blog with opinions and perspectives that are heavily tilted from the perspective of typically gadget-obsessed Singaporeans. We hope to present our readers with review, rumor & speculation on latest and upcoming gadgets that is intriguing and articulate. Hope you enjoy reading us!

About Carla Liew

Since young, Carla has been an outlier among her girl peers. When asked to choose computer keyboard over Barbie, she chose the first. When asked to choose cooking sets over computer games, she chose the latter. Like many Singaporeans, parental and peer pressure directed Carla to pursue a business degree instead of engineering. Today, while Carla is working as a finance professional, she kept her passion for gadgets alive. Prior to, one of Carla’s blog ( attracted significant followings with more than 3,000 daily readership. You can find Carla on twitter @CarlaLiew.

About Jaschinta

Unlike Carla, Jaschinta is a little late in discovering the geek inside her. Jaschinta is raised to be an all-rounded person (or kiasu as you may call it). As a girl, Jaschinta attended ballet lesson while envying the boys having fun with their computer games. She was enrolled into music, piano, violin, swimming, cooking class. In the end, she is still most fascinated by gadgets and tech stuffs. Today, she spend most of her spare time in front of the keyboard, doing a bit of coding in HTML5 and CSS3. You can find Jaschinta on twitter @JaschintaOng.