Oct 24, 2012

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Do you need Good Casing for your iPhone 5? Absolutely. Here is why.

You are reading this article because you are looking to get a housing for an iPhone 5. By all logical calculations, you do not start looking around for an iPhone 5 casing unless you are holding on to a new or expecting delivery of your new iPhone 5 in the coming days. Consider yourself lucky if you already own yourself an iPhone 5. That was probably the best decision you ever made this year. Just for your info, stock availability of iPhone 5 in Singapore is really running low at the point of this writing. A stock check with SingTel website shows that they have run out of iPhone 5 completely. The usual SingTel-like style, no information about estimated availability date is mentioned in their posting. I did not go to each of the Starhub and M1 shop one-by-one or call their customer service to check which outlets are still available. I’m sure that you would also find many of their outlets to be out of stock. Otherwise, the price of iPhone in resale market would not be as crazy. My last check with WhyMobile found out selling price of new iPhone 5 there to be at S$1,300.

lifeproof iphone 4s

LifeProof is among the toughest proven casing ever made for iPhone. It is available for iPhone 4S, but not yet for iPhone 5. If there is any casing that is worth waiting for, this is probably it. Make sure you check Amazon regularly just in case they start selling the version that is built for iPhone 5.

To get an idea on the kind of effort they dedicate to come up with a casing that fits the iPhone 5, here is a statement extracted from their site:

The team at LifeProof is working 24/7 to complete our new industry-defining LifeProof case for your iPhone 5.

LifeProof for iPhone 4 / 4S is selling in Amazon for US$45.45. Click here to check out today’s price.

If you’ve come in contact with the phone, I’m sure that you will absolutely adore it. After all, Apple in their marketing pitch refers to it as “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”. Launched amid high fanfare, iPhone 5 have received heavy criticism after since its launch. One of the most prominent issue that heavily dominates the headlines days after the launch is the Map Apps that come with iOS 6. On this point, I would not disagree with the critics. Come on, even Tim Cook has admitted that they have let their fans down with the Map Apps.

iPhone 5 Sold Out in SingTel

Tim Cook and company had issued their apology for the map debacle. The world has since moved on and put this issue at rest (at least for now). Aside from the great map flop, I honestly think that iPhone 5 is a really cool phone. Look at its thinness. Look at its unibody finish. Look at how light it feels without giving you the feel of a fake plastic toy. To me, iPhone 5 looks as sexy as ever.

One problem that comes with iPhone 5 is its scratch sensitive aluminium body. If you did not find any scratch mark when you unboxed your iPhone, then you must be pretty darn lucky. Thousands of people, including myself, are not as fortunate. Mine comes with a tiny scratch near the edge of its back. I thought of bringing it back to the M1 shop to get a replacement, but even then, there is no guarantee that your replacement will be absent of the defects. I was quite disappointed by Apple’s reaction to this issue by saying that scratches like that are common for aluminium finish like that of the iPhone. But I stopped complaining the moment I started comparing my new iPhone with its peers, like the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy SIII and not mentioning others like HTC One X. Only then I began to realize what a sheer beauty iPhone 5 is. None of them come even close in comparison. They totally belong to different class altogether. Comparing them would be like comparing Apples and Oranges, I guess.

Rather than whining, I thought I would do myself a big favor if I could find a casing that protects my iPhone 5 while still not degrading its beauty and usability. I head down to Amazon and was so immersed into it. I found the collection of iPhone 5 casings that are on sale in Amazon to be huge, considering that the phone itself has just been released just slightly over a month ago.

Here are some collections that I deemed to be decent candidates to house my iPhone 5.

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